We consult with and advise the HOA Board of Directors on many issues including financial, Covenants, Conditions & Restrictions (CC&Rs), grounds maintenance, general management, and any other issues as delineated by the contract agreement between your HOA and Long Beach Home Solutions. See our SERVICES page for more detail.

The Community Association Institute estimates 70%. We think it’s higher than that.

Currently we have 2 full time staff members and are servicing fewer than 700 units. When needed we staff up with qualified, licensed people to provide the best service possible. We are on call 24/7/365.

Currently we have 25 HOA’s ranging from 8 to 129 units.

Long Beach Home Solutions, Inc. was started in 2009. Prior to that, Jeff Hall worked with Brent Heflin Realty in property and HOA management starting in 2006. Jeff also managed units in Seattle during the early 1990s.

Jeff Hall is a Real Estate Broker, licensed in the State of California CA BRE 01457114. The Real Estate Broker license is a requirement for HOA consultants in the state.

Our goal is to provide quality customer service. We pride ourselves on answering our phones and email 24/7/365. We are very hands-on as we visit all properties at least once a month by simply dropping in. This gives us a feeling on how the vendors are doing.

Yes we can process online payment through our secure website. Maintenance and private communications can all be handled online as well.

We’re located at 130 Pine Avenue, Suite 203, Long Beach, CA 90802

We need a signed contract and it rolls from there. The HOA’s attorney can also be instrumental in this process. The steps involved in the transition are fairly straightforward.
·      Open new bank accounts
·      Set up owner ledgers with current information (usually a simple PDF of year-to-date transactions is sufficient)
·      Retrieve all documents currently held with current company
·      Mail out statements

Long Beach Home Solutions, Inc. takes care of the details to make the changeover as smooth and uncomplicated as possible.

We do not believe in-house services really serve the client. We have a good supplier list and will simply absorb your vendors or offer alternates from our list if the current vendors are underperforming.

Totally no need! We also do not add additional fees to invoices either.

All accounting is done in house. Jeff was a corporate comptroller for most of his career. We maintain total control of your records to protect your privacy, to ensure accuracy, and to avoid extra costs.

Jeff Hall, Broker 01457114 is the primary consultant for all properties we service. See more about Jeff here.

No. We are not attorneys, nor do we have any on our staff. Any such issues should be handled by the HOA’s attorney, which you should already have.

Not much actually… every board is different yet similar. We strive to work with you to the best of our abilities. Most importantly: We will not tell you what you want to hear but what you need to know.

HOAs have different needs, of course, but our main activities are ensuring the proper upkeep of all common-use structures on the property, arranging for landscaping of the grounds, coordinating trash removal, checking safety equipment (such as fire and carbon dioxide detectors), assessing the need for repairs and upgrades, including roofs, exteriors, etc., to enhance the property values and promote safety.

Yes. Your Long Beach Home Solutions representative often serves as the first person a community member contacts with a complaint, concern, or question about the HOA. Some HOA consultant/managers may also have enforcement responsibilities. In fact, it sometimes keeps a Board of Director out of the middle making for better “community.” For instance, a manager may contact a homeowner who begins to build an unauthorized addition to their home. Or maybe there’s a problem with a barking dog. To avoid conflict, enforcement must be done uniformly with no favoritism. The implementation procedure should be spelled out clearly in the HOA’s governing documents.
Who is responsible for deciding the scope of your tasks?
Ultimately, the HOA decides the scope of the consultant’s role in the community. Even when a management company such as ours is hired to perform a wide range of tasks, the HOA remains responsible for oversight and is liable for most financial and legal matters. It is important that the board makes sure the manager acts in accordance with the HOA’s governing documents and treats all community members consistently and fairly.